Our Story

John Christianson


I never really considered myself to be an entrepreneur, even as I set out to start my own company more than a decade ago.


When I founded Highland, it was just part of a bigger plan to risk the status quo of my life at the time. Little did I know my decision to embark on that journey would require so much faith, courage and perseverance, and lead to so much personal growth.


I’m excited about the company Highland has become, and how it continues to evolve and grow. Since our humble beginnings in 1999 in a small executive suite in Bellevue, I’ve been committed to creating and leading a unique wealth advisory experience with the potential to have a transformative influence on the clients we are privileged to serve.


I haven’t been alone in this adventure. I feel deep gratitude for my wife and family, and the staff and alumni of Highland who all have contributed meaningfully to our success and impact.


I believe more strongly than ever that Highland is changing the world by encouraging, inspiring, and providing leverage to business leaders as they discover the true purpose of their lives and live as closely as possible to that purpose. I can’t imagine anything more important!


Living fully,


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