Sudden Wealth

When your financial circumstances virtually change overnight and you don’t have the time, inclination, or knowledge to manage the new challenges and opportunities on your own.

Pre/Post IPO Planning
    Stock Options/RSU's
    • Employee stock options can be a great way to achieve substantial wealth. The difficulty is it can disappear quickly if not addressed properly. Something that has really dawned on me after helping executives with these decisions over many market cycles, is that option wealth is usually a once in a......

    Business Sale
    • Anyone living in the Pacific Northwest is familiar with majestic Mt. Rainier, a snow-capped peak that beckons hikers from near and far. Having had the opportunity to climb Mt. Rainier, I have learned that many of the lessons and principles of climbing a big mountain can apply to my work......

    • Unfortunately, divorce is an issue we deal with somewhat regularly at Highland. While every divorce is different, one factor is consistent: All financial decisions have to be made in the context of one of the most emotionally unsettling periods of your life. We’ve recently written a set of articles on......